UK Permits & Visas offer an appeals service for both in-country and out-of-country applicants who have their application refused by the Home Office. This is a specialised area of immigration law and highly specialised help is recommended.  It is essential that appeals are lodged very quickly otherwise you may lose the right of appeal.  You should contact the office immediately so we can discuss your case and give an initial assessment of whether you have sufficient grounds for an appeal.  If you have then we will lodge the appeal to preserve your rights. Then we will discuss in depth with you what is required to support the appeal and the strategy we will follow.  With your agreement we will then construct a full case for submission to the Tribunal.  Cases can be determined on papers (without you attending) or orally and we will advise the most appropriate route for your particular case.  We work on fixed fees and will advise you fully before you become liable for costs.

Some visa refusals do not trigger a right of appeal. These are mainly points based systems applications where an Administrative Review can be instigated.

And finally some visa refusals do not provide any route for redress by right. In these cases only a limited number of available options apply which require specialist legal knowledge.

In all cases UK Permits & Visas can provide a consultancy to discuss potential options.