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Form: Priority application to extend stay in UK: form Tier 2 Priority

Updated: Updated request for inclusion in Tier 2 priority service form.

Use the ‘Request for inclusion in Tier 2 priority service’ form if you want to use the priority application service. You must do this before you can use ‘Form Tier 2 Priority’. Please wait for emailed confirmation that you have been accepted from the Tier 2 priority service team before using ‘Form Tier 2 Priority’. You may be eligible to apply online.

Use ‘Form Tier 2 Priority’ to apply to stay or extend your stay (also known as a ‘grant of leave to remain’) and get a biometric residence permit. Yo... u must use ‘Form Tier 2 Priority dependant’ for any family members who also need to apply.

This form is for people who are in the UK and:

  • want to make an initial application under Tier 2
  • want to change their employment or extend their stay under Tier 2
  • have a work permit and want to extend their stay under Tier 2

You should read the Tier 2 guidance before you apply.