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Guidance: Landlords: right to rent checks

From late autumn 2014, landlords in some areas will need to check that tenants have a right to rent in the UK before letting a property to them.

Right to rent checks will only apply to landlords of private residential property, and to new tenancy agreements. Landlords won’t need to check the immigration status of existing tenants.

In most cases a right to rent check just means checking that a prospective tenant has certain documents, like a passport or a biometric residence permit. Landlords will need to photocopy these documents to show that the check has been carried out.

... Most landlords won’t need to contact the Home Office, however the Home Office will provide a checking service for more complex cases.

At first, the requirements will apply in just one area of the UK. The government will announce that area in September 2014 along with:

  • guidance and a full list of documents which can be used to prove a right to rent
  • an online aid to help landlords and tenants understand if they are affected and how to conduct a check
  • a local rate telephone helpline
  • a checking service for more complex cases

The requirements may apply more widely from 2015.

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