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Employers: Premium service for sponsors - Tiers 2 and 5 launched

04 April 2012

The UK Border Agency is launching the premium customer service for sponsors on 6 April 2012.

The service has been developed to offer companies that sponsor international workers an enhanced level of customer service. The benefits include a dedicated contact point within the agency and access to public enquiry office appointments.

This is an optional package of benefits which will mean a more responsive service for both large corporations as well as small and medium sized business, who can also apply for greater support.


This is optional set of benefits is available to all A-rated sponsors who choose to apply and pay. Successful sponsors will receive an exclusive package of service benefits.

The agency has also made provision for those smaller organisations who are eligible for the lower licence fee. This is known as SME+ and is a reduced benefits package aimed specifically at smaller organisations.


Tier 2 and 5 sponsors will be eligible to apply for premium or SME+ customer service if they:

  • are A-rated in all the tiers of their licence;
  • have not been issued with a civil penalty in the last 3 years, and any civil penalty issued before that has been paid in full; and
  • fully satisfy their sponsorship responsibilities as demonstrated by a successful compliance audit.

More details

For further information see Premium customer service for sponsors.