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Applicants: Tottenham cannabis smuggler jailed

01 March 2012

A woman from South Tottenham has been jailed for attempting to smuggle cannabis into the UK by Heathrow airport.

23 year old Senima Allen, of Newton Road N15, was arrested by our officers after stepping off a flight from Montego Bay in Jamaica at Terminal 3 on 1 December 2010.

Four tape wrapped packages containing a total of 8 kg of cannabis were found in her suitcase. The drugs had a value of approximately £24,000.

She claimed she had no idea how the drugs got into her bag, but text messages found following analysis... of her mobile phones revealed she was in on the plan to import cannabis.

Allen pleaded not guilty to charge of importing a class B drug and an offence of failing to disclose an information key, namely the PIN codes on her mobile phones.

Following a trial at Isleworth crown court a jury took just 15 minutes to find her guilty on both counts, and on Friday 24 February a judge sentenced her to a total of 16 months in jail.

Peter Avery, assistant director, Criminal and Financial Investigation directorate, UK Border Agency, said:

'Allen lied from the word go about her role in this criminal act, but fortunately the jury saw right through her.

'Our officers are on constant alert to keep illegal drugs and other banned substances out of the UK and take them out of the supply chain before they reach the streets.'

Anyone with information about drug smuggling can call the smuggling hotline on 0800 59 5000 where anonymity can be assured.