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Applicants: Application form FLR(BID) will be withdrawn from 29 February 2012

27 February 2012

From 29 February, application form, FLR(BID) will be withdrawn. This will affect those applying as:

  • an academic visitor;
  • domestic worker in a private household;
  • UK ancestor;
  • visitor for private medical care; and
  • a dependent of a person with limited leave.

Applicants applying in these categories should use form FLR(O) from 29 February. From 29 February appointments at public enquiry offices for these case types, should be booked under the FLR(O) category.


Applicants wishing to reschedule their appointment for 29 February onwards, using the online booking facility are required to cancel their FLR(BID) appointment and then rebook an appointment in the FLR(O) category.

The FLR(O) guidance can be found on the application forms page.