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Collection: European passport return service

Updated: Appointment information update.

The European passport return service allows you and your family to take your passports to a participating local authority for verification and copying, and for the local authority to then send the copy to the Home Office. This allows you to keep your passports while your applications for documentation to prove your right to live in the UK are being processed.

You can use this service if you are an EEA or Swiss national and you have applied online for a registration certificate or a document certifying permanent residence. You can also include any family members (of any nationality) who you have included in your online application.

The European passport return service can only be used to verify and copy your and your family’s passports, to submit with your applications. National identity cards and other supporting evidence must be submitted as originals only.

Make an appointment

You must contact a local authority to book an appointment to use this service. You’ll need to attend an appointment with them within 10 working days of submitting your online application, so you may want to book one before you submit this application.

You and any family members you have included in your online application (over the age of 15 years and 6 months) should attend this appointment in person.

Check where your nearest local authority or premium service centre is that offers this service and how to contact them.


The local authority or premium service centre will tell you the fees you must pay to use this service.

What you need to bring with you

You will need to bring:

  • your original passports
  • a copy of your checklist and supporting documents
  • a printed copy of your application form

Additional information

It may be necessary for the Home Office to contact you to attend a further appointment or request your original passport in order to determine your application. In such instances you will not normally be entitled to a refund. If you do not submit your original passport upon request or attend a further appointment your application may be refused.