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Guidance: Immigration Act: part 3 - enforcement

Updated: New Immigration Act factsheets on enforcement.

Part 3 of the act will strengthen our immigration enforcement response by:

  • creating new powers for immigration officers, including search and seizure
  • delivering on the manifesto commitment to tag all foreign criminals who are not detained but awaiting deportation
  • reforming the legal framework to simplify the conditions that apply to illegal migrants who are not detained
  • putting a new policy (the “adults at risk” policy) in place which will change the way in which the Home Office makes decisions on the immigration detention... , for the purposes of removal, of vulnerable people
  • placing a 72 hour time limit on the detention of pregnant women, extendable to up to a week with ministerial authorisation.
  • guaranteeing independent judicial oversight for immigration detainees (other than deportation and national security cases) after at least 4 months in detention, and at future 4 monthly intervals from their last bail consideration