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News story: User Pays Visa Application Centre fee frozen and changes to the network

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) today announced changes to the User Pays Visa Application Centre (VAC) Network which will see the global fee stay at 59 across all locations. The fee was previously due to rise on 6 April to 70.

This change is possible because of the decision to convert a small number of currently free to use application points into User Pay centres in early May. In all these locations (Ikeja, Mirpur, Sylhet) applicants will continue to have access to at least one other free to use application centre in that country. Applicants at these centres will also benefit from ser... vice enhancements, including longer opening hours (where there is demand) and a courier return service saving customers the time and cost of returning to the VAC to collect their documents.

The changes we are making now are part of longer term strategy to increase the number and range of different ways that people overseas can apply for visas to the UK over the next couple of years.