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Form: Apply for a registration certificate as a qualified person: form EEA (QP)

Updated: Updated application form.

Use ‘form EEA(QP)’ if you are a citizen of the EEA or Switzerland and want to apply for a registration certificate as a ‘qualified person’.

You should also read ‘EEA(QP) guidance notes’ for detailed information on what to submit with your application.

You can also apply online, but not if you’re a student or self-sufficient person and you’re either:

  • reliant on a family member for financial support
  • financially responsible for any other family members

If you apply online, you can use the European passport return service and keep your passport while your application is processed. You can’t use this service if you use the PDF form to apply.

For more information on the application process read ‘Prove your right to live in the UK as an EU citizen’.